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Average Cost of Bionic Hands

The average cost of a fully functional bionic hand is $45,000 in the U.S. Then there is the ongoing cost of maintenance and other related expenses to fitting the prosthetic to the patient. Since insurance doesn't cover the full cost of bionic prosthetics, many who need them simply can't afford them.

U.S. Hand Amputations

There are approximately 5,000 hand and arm amputations each year in the U.S. due to severe injury, disease or birth defect with more than 350,000 currently registered nationwide... including those who have lost fingers or their entire arm. Even so, there are only about 986 bionic hands provided world-wide each year.

Bionics Sold Globally

Fewer than 1,000 bionic hands are provided WORLDWIDE each year but the availability of bionics is typically limited to those living in more industrialized nations. With your help we can provide affordable 3D printed, fully functional bionic hands to children in need. Please give a hand.